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Women Still Earn 80 Cents to a ManÒ³ Doll...

7 Ways To Say No Without A Side Serving Of Guilt

Saying “No” is something that many of us wish we could do more and your ability to do so will definitely be tested while on a diet. Here, we share 7 ways to say no with none of the guilt.

It’s one of the smallest, shortest words in the English
language, but one of the hardest to say.

We’ve al…

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Think You're Ready To Quit Your Day Job? 11 Entrepreneurs Offer Their Advice

Small business advisor helping you increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and Remote COO services

Chief Operating Officer's insight:…

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Guide to inclusive recruitment

PROMOTED | Inclusion is a key issue for any recruitment professional, but how can you make sure your business is doing all it can to attract, and retain, a wide-range of talent?

Chief Operating Officer's insight:


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Winners of Inclusive Fintech 50

MetLife Foundation and Visa, with partners Accion and IFC, launch inaugural list to help fintech companies attract capital and resources to benefit the 3 billion financially underserved people globally.

Chief Operating Officer's insight:

Diversity and inclusion best practices

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Ending Harassment at Work Requires an Intersectional Approach

Ending Harassment at Work Requires an Intersectional Approach

Chief Operating Officer

Ending Harassment at Work Requires an Intersectional Approach     •     2019-04-23T14:00:06Z

Gender, race, age, and seniority all affect who’s harassed and how.

What Managers Get Wrong About Feedb…

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Northern Planner: What lying customers and supermarkets tell us about busines survival

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